• During the race participants will run on track which is marked by organization. Signs are min 10 mts max 100 mts apart as per condition of track.
  • Following signs is runner's responsibility. Getting lost is in nature of trail races .
  • Organization team can change the trail before the race. Runners will be informed concerning changes before the race.
  • Some of the tracks can pass through roads that are opened to traffic. It is the responsibility of the participant to obey the traffic rules and pay attention to the vehicles and pass safely.
  • Participants under the age of 18 can only participate with the permission of family the 6K and 12K .
  • Each participant only has to sign his / her own waiver. Therefore, each participant can only take his own kit bag.
  • Mandatory equipment control will be made at kit table ,right before start time. Kit delivery will not be made to the participants who do not show their mandatory equipment.
  • To volunteer at the Antalya Ultra Marathon, please send an e-mail to
  • VMT26K, EST42K, EMT61K ve EUM120K parkurları için katılımcıların koşmalarına engel olmadığını belirten 6 aylık bir sağlık belgesine veya bir spor federasyonundan onaylı sporcu lisansına sahip olmaları gerekmektedir.
  • Participants aged 65 and over participate in the contest with their ECG and health report from the cardiologist.
  • Refunds made 7 days after registration are made with a 30% deduction.
  • If the fees of the participants who have registered with a refundable registration fee are canceled until 15 February 2023, the registration fee will be 100% refunded.
  • Participants who do not register with a refundable registration fee, if they request a refund after February 15, 2023, the registration kit (T-shirt, bag, etc.) of the participants will be shipped to their address. 


  • Age groups are defined as under 40 years old, 40-49 years old, 50 years old and above.
  • A person's age is determined by subtracting the person's year of birth from the year of the competition.
  • There are no prize money, there may be sponsor awards. Those who rank in the competition will be given a cup.
  • Those who are ranked in the general classification are not ranked in age groups. 



  • The runner who throws water bottles to the field will be disqualified. (Athlete who is complained of throwing a water bottle by 2 runners will be disqualified)
  • Not passing through any checkpoints.
  •  Taking a shortcut or vehicle.
  • Leaving a participant in need of help alone and not helping.
  • Refusing to be checked by medical staff.
  • Refusing to have mandatory materials checked by the organization.
  • Getting support outside of the check points
  • Runners who are disqualified are not allowed to continue running. 


  •  Disadvantaged participants can participate in the event by benefiting from a 50 percent discount on the participation fee and with materials compatible with the track. For the report and registration, you can contact e-mail address.